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Cast-in-place Beam Formwork
Mobile formwork bridge-building machine
The mobile formwork bridge-building machine is a construction machine that carries a formwork and uses the pile or pier as a support to carry out on-site pouring of the bridge. Its main features: good construction quality, easy construction and low cost. In foreign countries, it has been widely used in the construction of continuous beams of highway bridges and railway bridges, and it is a relatively advanced construction method. In the domestic, it has begun to use on expressways and railway passenger lines. The movable formwork bridge-building machine mainly consists of a leg mechanism, a supporting truss beam, an inner and outer formwork, and a main beam lifting mechanism. It can complete a series of construction from moving bracket to pouring molding.
Requirements for construction and assembly of mobile formwork
First, the pier side bracket and the floor stand of the moving die frame should have sufficient strength, rigidity and stability, and the foundation must be firm and stable.
Second, the movable formwork for the whole hole frame and the mobile stand for the stage assembly must check the integrity of each part before assembling. After the assembly is completed, it should be thoroughly inspected and tested, and it can only be put into use after meeting the design requirements.
Third, the anti-overturning stability factor of the longitudinal movement, which of the moving formwork moving bracket shall not be less than 1.5.
Fourth, the moving formwork and the moving bracket for the segment assembly, (wet joints and dry joints) should be stabilized when the bridge pier and the temporary pier main girders are moved forward, and the slides should have sufficient strength, rigidity, length and width.
Fifth, the assembly of the ox leg: the ox leg is in the form of a steel box girder. When hoisting the ox leg, use the level gauge on the top of the ox leg so that the propulsion flat car can smoothly slide on the top surface of the ox leg.
Sixth, the main beam installation: the main beam is assembled under the bridge. According to the lifting capacity of the site, the temporary beam can be erected on the ox leg and the bracket. Remove the temporary bracket after forming the whole. All the girders can also be assembled and hoisted in place by a large tonnage crane.
Seventh, assemble the beam and the outer formwork: after the main beam is assembled, assemble the horizontal beam. After the beam is completely installed, the main beam is under the action of the hydraulic system, and the horizontal bridge and the bridge are accurately positioned in sequence. Release the axle axis at the center of the pier, adjust the beam in the direction of the bridge axis, and connect with the pin. The bottom and outer webs, ribs and flange plates are then laid.
Eighth, template assembly sequence: The mobile support system is assembled according to the following steps: assembly of the cattle legs, assembly of the main beam and the construction equipment and machine tools in place----installation of the cattle legs-----main beam hoisting, synchronous traverse shifting and closing----- beam installation-----laying the bottom plate, installing the template bracket ------Installing the outer web and the flange plate, the bottom plate----- Inner mold installation (in the lashing After the steel bars).
Cast-in-place Beam Formwork

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